Outside the box thinking sought for Wanju plans

A group of forward-thinking under 30s shared their vision for WA’s newest city, Wanju, at a meeting on Monday organised by the Shire of Dardanup.

Following a presentation from WA Planning Commission representatives about the scope of the project, a round-table discussion was held with Shire of Dardanup CEO Mark Chester and Shire President Mick Bennett.

In attendance was the former LA girl now living in Millbridge who named the City via the Shire’s recent Name Our Future competition, Trish Delany.

Some of the themes to come out of the discussion included a desire to embrace new technologies around power supply, building materials and water recycling, modern building design, separation for cyclists and pedestrians from road traffic and provision of ample public open space.

Mr Chester said while some attendees lived locally, others were from outside the shire.

Contact with the group would be maintained as the project moves towards a new milestone early next year when a District Level Structure Plan is expected to be released for public comment.

The meeting was another step in an ongoing process of community consultation by the Shire which will target various interest groups.