Decision close on Name our Future, July 2015

A decision on names for the Shire of Dardanup’s planned urban and industrial areas to be located east of Eaton will be made at a Council meeting on Wednesday, July 22.

The decision will mark the end of an eight-month process to Name Our Future including a public competition calling for suggestions held in two stages, followed by extensive stakeholder consultation.

From more than 190 competition entries received in November last year and February this year, the Shire’s Engineering and Development Services Committee will consider a short-list of 20 names – 10 for the urban area and 10 for the industrial area – on July 15.

The Committee will further shortlist the names to six names per area (12 in total) and recommend two preferred names to be considered and potentially endorsed at the July 22 Council meeting.

Entries that advance to the shortlist of 12 will receive a $100 prize with the eventual two winners to receive $1000 each.

In the event that a name is the subject of multiple entries, Council will select the entry with the best accompanying justification to identify the winner.

In the meantime, work has been continuing by the Western Australian Planning Commission and the Shire of Dardanup on preparing District Structure Plans (DSPs) for the expansion areas. The DSPS will provide broad outlines for the layout of the expansion areas and provide a framework for the development of more detailed plans.

It is anticipated that draft DLSPs will be presented to Council in late 2015 with a three-month public consultation period to kick off early next year.